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The wood from antiquity was always a friendly and warm material that was offered abundant by nature and gave us the opportunity for artistic expression and creation. In our days, the company Gialelis, driven by her love for wood and possessing fully his know-how, started dynamically in the space setting up in 1976 a ultramodern production line with wooden frames. A three years later he was active in the kitchen and bedroom wardrobe. Thus, the company Gialelis has to demonstrate a dynamic presence in the field of wood and furniture with great productive activity and a huge variety of products.

The best quality of our products is achieved thanks to the continuous research and development of innovative solutions. The company Gialelis continuously performs detailed and analytical measurements for watertightness, wind pressure, wind permeability and soundproofing, for mpalkonothyres, windows and exterior doors with full diagrams of its performance to the necessary Controls.

We combine innovative design and modern European standards with flawless handmade quality. However, our most important care is our personal contact with our customers with whom we share our love for wood.

All our products are offered ready for delivery and custom-made to the dimensions that the customer desires. They are made of high quality materials and durability, environmentally friendly and the most basic, at unbeatable prices.

The paint materials used by the company are fully ecological and certified, especially adapted to the Mediterranean and especially in the Greek sunshine conditions. Our strategy is geared towards high technology in order to ensure the superior quality of our products. We continuously conduct quality checks and continue to invest in research, development and innovation aiming at the continuous adaptation to the needs of our customers.

The evolution of technology necessitated the purchase of a complete, fully automated system for the production of frames, which consists of machines of the latest technology of international standards and high precision ensuring The best quality of the products produced.

Gialelis company continued its investments with the purchase of a ultramodern waffle for electrostatic and robotic painting of frames in fully controlled environment conditions, both in temperature and humidity issues, ensuring The best quality and durability of the produced products.

The advantages of electrostatic painting are the high quality as well as the homogeneity even in the most inaccessible areas of the frame.

Thus, due to the new painting technologies during production, the wooden frames no longer need frequent maintenance. They can with cleanliness and simple care to remain as they were at the time of purchase.